Strategic Plan

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Bartlett is a community all are proud to call home. We are a Village that values our past, cherishes our present and works together to thoughtfully plan for the future.

Village of Bartlett Strategic Plan 2016 - 2017

Strategic Plan 2016-2017 cover

Strategic Goals, Objectives and Tactics/Actions

Goal #1: Facilitate Activities that Foster a Sense of Community

Objective: Continue to actively encourage development

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue focus on the connectivity between Town Center and all of downtown Bartlett relative to pedestrian flow, traffic, landscaping, and viewshed.
• Continue to build upon and support community events that bring residents to downtown Bartlett.
• Create a new community event to grow an identity for the downtown.
• Continue to work with developers and property owners seeking development throughout the Village.
• Evaluate the potential for a pedestrian bridge over Rt. 59

Objective: Continue to promote community identity, events, and resident involvement

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue working with other taxing districts on a variety of community events.
• Help facilitate community cultural arts activities.
• Continue to support Sister City programs.
• Encourage, promote, and support civic and community groups.
• Continue to work with the Bartlett Veterans Memorial Foundation.
• Continue close working relationship with the Chamber of Commerce.
• Promote partnerships with civic and school groups at Bartlett Hills.
• Preserve Bartlett’s historical landmarks and artifacts and recognize the richness of the Village’s past through the support of the history museums director.
• Act as a resource for historical information.
• Highlight “historic landmarks” in Bartlett History Museum programs.
• Continue to support and provide programs at the Depot Museum.
• Continue to celebrate Bartlett’s history through exhibits, programs, and other venues.
• Continue youth focus in history museum programming.
• Continue a volunteer program at the Bartlett History Museum and Depot Museum.
• Host events and take actions to recognize the 125th anniversary of incorporation.

Objective: Maintain, market and enhance communication

Tactics/Action Steps
• Promote the Village’s website, Twitter and Facebook presence to residents.
• Maintain municipal focus in the Bartletter to provide more information to residents.
• Maintain training pertaining to the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act and compliance with the law.
• Promote email blast registration.
• Maintain and continue to enhance transparency efforts.
• Facilitate communication with resident groups on specific issues.
• Continue to solicit resident feedback in the Bartletter and on the Village website, Bartlett Connect and email.
• Enhance our Facebook presence and use of social media and other outlets.

Objective: Facilitate intergovernmental relationships with other local taxing districts

Tactics/Action Steps
• Solicit input from other taxing bodies and carefully consider the impact of development, zoning, and building issues on those districts.
• Continue to work closely with other taxing bodies.
• Resume quarterly meetings with taxing districts.
• Continue to work with other taxing districts to manage and mitigate storm water concerns.

Objective: Continue efforts toward promoting and enhancing Bartlett schools

Tactics/Action Steps
• Work jointly with School District U-46 to support and further education enhancement efforts.
• Continue to communicate with the school district on areas of mutual concern.
• Continue to support U-46 golf program.
• Encourage student/government education and career day efforts.
• Continue ongoing partnership with schools regarding emergency drills and training.
• Promote positive accomplishments of Bartlett schools to residents.

Goal #2: Attract and Retain Diverse Business Population

Objective: Continue to develop the downtown

Tactics/Action Steps
• Explore incentive opportunities in the downtown.
• Work diligently with new owners of town center to continue development.
• Continue to identify businesses and bring them to the downtown.
• Continue to implement Village Board approved EDC recommendations for downtown improvements.
• Continue to address downtown vacancies.

Objective: Review all municipal policies, processes and regulations relative to the business community  

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue marketing efforts and work with the property owners, brokers, and chamber of commerce.
• Continue advertising efforts focused on existing businesses and “shop local” promotional campaign.
• Promote existing incentive options to attract new businesses.
• Maintain contact with owners and brokers of vacant commercial space/property.
• Maintain a database of available commercial and industrial sites.
• Continue to work with the chamber of commerce and EDC on the business visitation program.
• Work with chamber to identify needs of business community and areas of possible assistance.
• Continue zoning code update.
• Evaluate ways to expedite timeframes within the development process.
• Review potential for administrative approval for minor site plan amendments to limit costs and expedite timeframe for development.
• Determine a process to create a long term vision for the downtown, Rt. 59 corridor and other identified development areas

Objective: Continue to address the development of the Brewster Creek Business Park

Tactics/Action Steps
• Monitor financial transactions.
• Continue to market sites to attract desirable users at the local, regional and national levels.
• Continue partnership with Choose DuPage to attract new businesses.
• Continue streamlined site and building plan review process.
• Implement internal infrastructure including internal road improvement, wetland and storm water management system.
• Continue evaluation of fats, oils and grease discharge level relative to future development.

Objective: Continue to address business development of the Bluff City and Blue Heron business parks

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue to monitor mining operation with consultant.
• Continue marketing efforts to attract desirable users.
• Monitor mining royalties in accordance with the agreement.
• Promote the business and industrial parks focusing on the diversity of the sites available in the Village.

Objective: Advance the development of commercial areas at Rt. 59 and Lake Street and Rt. 59 and W. Bartlett Road site

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue to work with developers on site design, incentives and appropriate uses.
• Continue marketing efforts on the sites.
• Re-examine boundaries of existing TIFs to allow for new properties.
• Continue to monitor IDOT’s intersection improvements to Rt. 59 and West Bartlett Road relative to commercial development.

Objective: Define a marketing plan to attract residential and commercial investment in Bartlett

Tactics/Action Steps
• Create a specific marketing plan for each industrial, commercial and overall community.
• Update marketing materials “tool kit.”
• Increase marketing in trade publications.
• Continue to work with state DCEO and Choose DuPage to promote Bartlett.
• Focus recruitment efforts on “destination” commercial and small office uses.

Goal #3: Maintain and Enhance the Appearance of the Community

Objective: Advance residential, industrial and commercial regulations via ordinance and policy reviews and implementation

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue educating residents on the property maintenance code.
• Continue award program for good property maintenance.
• Continue Home Improvement Information Day.
• Continue annual inspections on new and existing buildings to maintain commercial and industrial stock.
• Provide information about the regional housing assistance programs.
• Maintain inspection and enforcement of property maintenance code.
• Continue the foreclosure response team to coordinate efforts relative to vacant or foreclosed properties.
• Work cooperatively with business owners and residents during the inspection process to achieve compliance.
• Maintain vacant building registry.
• Work with property owners to renovate or demolish dilapidated/dangerous buildings.

Objective: Promote an inviting outdoor environment

Tactics/Action Steps
• Integrate new bike paths into existing local and regional trails.
• Work cooperatively with Bartlett Park District to obtain future park space.
• Continue Adopt-A-Bike Path program.
• Promote the bike path system.
• Continue to implement EAB program (plant and reforest) and explore different planning profile for more inventory.
• Support neighboring community efforts regarding COMED plans to upgrade electric power grid along 390.
• Enhance flower baskets along W. Bartlett Road.
• Evaluate enhanced holiday lighting downtown.

Objective: Continue to provide for community land use planning

Tactics/Action Steps
• Review and analyze mixed use developments in the areas of traffic, aesthetics, design, land use, storm water and environmental issues with respect to their overall impact on the community.
• Review potential annexation and development areas.
• Review potential for additional TIF opportunities.
• Continue to review development within the West Bartlett Road Corridor Plan parameters.
• Finalize the RTA TOD planning process.

Goal #4: Continue to Provide High Quality, Responsive, and Cost Effective Village Services.

Objective: Develop an effective approach for more active involvement in promoting municipal authority and local control

Tactics/Action Steps
• Increase activity in intergovernmental organizations/councils of government to lobby for more local interest/control.
• Continue efforts to mitigate impact of additional trains.
• Monitor proposed state and federal legislation.

Objective: Focus on the development, motivation and recognition of the municipal staff

Tactics/Action Steps
• Provide for and support appropriate professional development.
• Communicate the strategic planning process to employees and volunteer boards and commissions.
• Maintain a pay system that adequately rewards employees for their service and performance, and is competitive with like communities.
• Continue training and professional development including use of online training.
• Expand focus of the safety committee to include health and wellness issues.

Objective: Maintain a fiscally responsible government

Tactics/Action Steps
• Review potential to eliminate the utility tax.
• Maintain fund balance in keeping with established fund balance policies.
• Maintain a balanced budget.
• Evaluate impact of budget decisions on financial condition of all funds for a minimum of two years.
• Maintain appropriate internal controls to protect the integrity of the financial operations.
• Communicate to the residents the Village’s financial condition and the cost effectiveness of municipal services.
• Vigorously investigate grants and other alternate funding.
• Continue the administration and reporting functions for grants received.
• Regularly review license fees, developer donations, and other revenues.
• Evaluate staffing to ensure an adequate number of employees to provide services.
• Continue to implement new Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) regulations.
• Continue to monitor the impact of the broader economy on our local business community and residents.
• Continue to evaluate service levels in response to the economic climate and react with increased flexibility.
• Develop a contingency plan regarding the potential loss of state funding.

Objective: Profitably operate a quality golf course, restaurant and banquet facility

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue to enhance marketing efforts regarding the Bartlett Hills facility.
• Maintain a rate structure that meets market conditions.
• Evaluate potential for off-site catering of food by Bartlett Hills.
• Utilize special promotions and pricing, explore food specials combined with golf, enhance table top advertising and internal signage.
• Continue PGA junior League golf program.
• Continue to create opportunities for families and youth golfers to play at Bartlett Hills.
• Continue golf event that will tie into the National Night Out activities.

Objective: Continue to evaluate and implement the use of technology in providing services and municipal operations

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue to utilize in-house document imaging.
• Evaluate technology options to enhance efficiency and services.
• Continue multi-departmental implementation of GIS system.
• Evaluate telephone system replacement options.
• Enhance services provided on-line.
• Continue Go Request and Web Q/A- Gov. Q/A programs.

Objective: Encourage regional and local transportation availability

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue to monitor the implications and advocate for Bartlett regarding U.S. Rt. 20 Extension (Elgin/O’Hare expansion).
• Monitor grants for new bike path connections as approved.
• Complete IDNR bike paths.
• Evaluate and implement recommendations of the RTA/TOD report

Objective: Continue to provide and maintain infrastructure, facilities and services to focus on core municipal service areas

Tactics/Action Steps
• Utilize capital improvements plan for facility maintenance, improvement and finance planning.
• Continue sidewalk and tree maintenance programs.
• Convert computer-mapping atlas to GIS to maintain inventory of infrastructure system.
• Continue in-house monitoring of capital improvement projects by Public Works Department.
• Finalize long-term agreement for water supply.
• Implement long term water supply infrastructure
• Re-establish 50/50 tree planting program.

Objective: Maintain a safe community

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue to educate teens about safe driving practices.
• Maintain efforts to address residential speeding and truck traffic issues.
• Maintain Police Department accreditation.
• Continue compliance checks on liquor and tobacco sales.
• Continue regional law enforcement partnerships.
• Continue and expand efforts of specialized units.
• Continue to address unique needs of special populations.
• Increase police visibility.
• Continue teen police academy.
• Continue Citizen Police Academy.
• Evaluate Police Building construction recommendations and options.
• Evaluate funding options for Police Building construction.

Objective: Maintain emergency management efforts

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue training relative to anti-terrorism activities.
• Maintain emergency plan certification.
• Provide staff training for appropriate emergency management issues.
• Maintain Storm Ready Community status.
• Participate in exercise opportunities provided by state, county and other jurisdictions.
• Maintain AED program and continue AED/CPR training.
• Continue to cross train interdepartmentally with regard to crisis intervention.
• Conduct mandatory lock down drill for municipal staff.

Goal #5: Evaluate and Promote, Where Possible, Environmentally Friendly Development, Purchases, Awareness and Programs

Objective: Evaluate municipal purchases and practices for environment-friendly alternatives

Tactics/Action Steps
• Continue an environmental awareness campaign targeted at builders.
• Continue efforts of the environmental “Green Team” at the staff level to review and recommend environmentally friendly programs and practices.
• Continue Clean-up Week activities to include hosting a community-wide clean up event.
• Pursue opportunities for residential and commercial green efforts.
• Maintain and promote the on-going prescription medication collection.
• Continue to consider green alternatives for municipal purchases.
• Educate builders about storm water requirements.
• Continue and expand the street light conversion to LED lights and pursue grant opportunities that become available.
• Evaluate “dark sky” lighting policy options.


2015-2016 Village of Bartlett Strategic Plan Update

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